Accept All

Accept All

2021 Namur Le Pavillon Plastic, silicone, lithium, metal, wood

Co-Producers and Support : Le Pavillon, Cityfab1, fablabULB, LucaLab.
Collaboration with : Pauline+Luis, Clément Chaubet, Côme Rouanet.
Photos credit : Simon Fusillier, Murielle Lecocq, Guillaume Slizewicz.

A robotic performance where small robots follow spectators, representing monitoring scripts on internet.

What would happen if all the cookies and algorithms that follow us on the internet were also present in physical space?

Starting from this idea, Guillaume Slizewicz developed Accept All, a robotic performance in which 5 small robots with a limited intelligence follow the spectators around the exhibition like an embodied representation of the monitoring scripts that are present on our phones and tablets. Accept All is a piece about possible futures where autonomous machines and micro-targeting strategies merge to populate our living space through small beings made of plastic, silicone, lithium, metal and wood. This performance addresses the issue of extending current technologies of surveillance and advertising into the material realm. The swarm of robots acts as an analogue version of the system of cookies and algorithms that is implemented on the Internet to track visitors and display advertisements.Accept All is a continuation of a prototype made as part of a research project with Urban Species. This version presents robots co-constructed with the designers Pauline+Luis, Clément Chaubet and Côme Rouanet. Prototyping supported by cityfab1, fablabULB and LucaLab.