2020 Design Museum Ghent, Tri-postal Lille Colors and the senses - Colors, etc.. Natural Fibers - Paint

Partners : Edizalp Akin, Mischer Traxler

Photo Credits : Holo Wang, Mischer Traxler, Martina Orska, Guillaume Slizewicz

A kinestesic choreography around the color pink

Pink is the result of the Workshop led by MischerTraxler Studio at Boisbuchet in 2019. It is a playful experiment on the meaning of colour pink and how it could be translated into movements. We started by defining words that relate to pink such as cheeky, naive, soft, artificial and fantasy.
Then we attempted to translate those words into physical gestures and asked ourselves what movements could be considered as naive or cheeky, artificial or whimsical.

We settled on hopping, bouncing, and running amok. The result of these experiments is the video above. The photography is by Holo Wang. It was directed, choreographed, and the outfits were designed by Edizalp Akin and Myself.

Pink was exhibited in the Design Museum in Gent and the Tri-postal at Lille in the framework of the exhibition Color and the senses