algorithmic readings of Bertillon's portrait parlé

algorithmic readings of Bertillon's portrait parlé

2019 Mundaneum, Mons Data Workers webcam, screen, computer, button and raspberry

Collaborators : Algolit

Photo credits : Javier Lloret, Guillaume Slizewicz

Two interactive installations inspired by Bertillon's "portrait parlé"

Writing with Otlet, Mixed Media, 2019

Writing with Otlet is a character generator that uses the spoken portrait code as its database. Random numbers are generated and translated into a set of features. By creating unique instances, the algorithm reveals the richness of the description that is possible with the portrait code while at the same time embodying its nuances.

An interpretation of Bertillon’s spoken portrait, Mixed media, 2019

This work draws a parallel between Bertillon systems and current ones. A webcam linked to a facial recognition algorithm captures the beholder’s face and translates it into numbers on a canvas, displaying it alongside Bertillon’s labelled faces.