Carbon Technostructures Residency

Carbon Technostructures Residency

2024 Namur Imagining Ecological Future Residency plotter, steamer, data

Partners: Gijs de Heij

Support: Kikk Festival, Goethe Institut Belgium, Centre Culturel de Namur Les Abattoirs

Carbon Technostructures visualises the digital carbon footprint of cultural venues through ephemeral cloud plotting.

In may 2024, Gijs de Heij and I had the opportunity to spend several weeks in Namur working on the project, Carbon Technostructures. This project focuses on analysing and displaying the digital carbon footprint of cultural venues and our energy interdependence.

During our residency, we analysed the energy data from Le Pavillon’s website and exhibitions. We used a plotter with a water steamer to project mist on a glass pannel and create visualisations that summarised our findings. Inspired by the intangibility of our digital infrastructure and the poetry of writing on misty windows, the plotter uses steam and an empty pen to form ephemeral patterns and texts.